DepFile 10% OFF Premium Keys via BTC, ETH, LTC

DepFile 10% OFF Premium Keys via BitCoin

Package Normal Price 10% OFF
1 Month 19.95$ 17.95$
2 Months 29.95$ 26.95$
3 Months 39.95$ 35.95$
6 Months 69.95$ 63.95$
1 Year 129.95$ 118.95$

BitCoin(BTC), Ethereum(ETH), LiteCoin(LTC)
We will send address and amount.


How to buy?

1. Register or Log in to your wLoad Account.
2. Create New Ticket on Support Page.
3. Set category to: "Buy DepFile Premium Key" and send us your desired payment method and premium period in description window.


Payment method: BitCoin
Premium period: 1 Month

4. We will send our payment informantion.
5. After making the payment, let us know by reply ticket.
6. We will send DepFile premium key to your ticket.


How to use?

1. CLICK HERE and go to Premium tab.
2. Select payment method Reseller.
3. Enter your premium key to PIN code window. (The code in image was just an exsample)
4. Click "GET PREMIUM ACCESS" button.